There are a number of good books covering various aspects of wire crafts.




Wire Magic

by Michael Ball

The book presents a series of seventeen wirework projects ranging from simple wall hooks and a fruit bowl to more advanced designs such as a picture frame, a table lamp and a miniature wire Christmas tree. Many of the projects show how wire can be combined with other materials - with brass foil to form an unusual clock; with hazel twigs to form a garden basket; and with recycled materials to form stylish lanterns and candleholders.

You might think that wirework would require specialist equipment such as a welding torch, but Michael has focused on simple hand techniques using just two pairs of pliers and a pair of cutters for the majority of projects.

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Everyday Things: Wire

by Suzanne Slesin et al.

Everyday Things: Wire offers an insight into the incredible diversity of artifacts made by the wirework industry of a hundred or so years ago. The book consists of an amazing gallery of old wirework pieces gleaned from the antique shops of America and Europe. There are images of everything from bowls and baskets to letter racks, toys, chandeliers, birdcages, mannequins, eel traps, apple pickers and much more. Everyday Things: Wire is an exceptional book that will be of interest to anyone who works with wire.

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New Crafts: Wirework

by Mary Maguire

With some beautiful projects, clear instructions and outstanding photography, New Crafts: Wirework is a great introduction to simple wirework techniques. The projects range from designs such as a wire bowl made using wrapping techniques to more decorative pieces such as flowers woven from fine copper wire and a spray-painted mobile. Illustrated with clear step-by-step photos throughout.

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Textile Techniques in Metal

by Arline M. Fisch

Arline Fisch explores the possibilities of weaving, plaiting, knitting, crocheting, braiding and knotting wire, as well as using basketry and bobbin lace techniques. The book focuses on using these techniques to artistic effect, and includes images of pieces ranging from tiny woven boxes to large pieces of sculpture knitted out of brass wire.

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Copper Wire Lace

by Anne Dyer

This great little book by Anne Dyer comes with high recommendations. Here is Anne's own description of her book:

'Copper wire is infinitely forgiving, and simple methods of twisting and interlacing will make a variety of structures, flat and 3-D. The book, of about 100 pages, has instructions for many projects, from earrings to a large church cross, as well as chapters on how I developed the craft, and on basic methods you can use to design your own pieces.'

Copper Wire Lace is available direct from the author at Westhope College, Craven Arms, Shropshire, England, SY7 9JL Phone +44 (0)1584 861293 for more details.

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How to create Tree Sculpture

by Sal Villano

This book offers complete, fully illustrated, step by step instructions showing how to create wire Tree Sculptures. Written and illustrated by Sal Villano, this 77 page easy to read instruction book takes you step by step from the beginning stages through the process of creating beautiful wire tree sculptures. Within the book are listed all the material and tools needed. After completing the basic tree sculpting techniques, three very different types of trees Wind Swept, Weeping Willow, Oak can be created. Recommended for children over 10.

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Wire Inspire

Release your Creative Energy.

by Angela Hook

This book welcomes you to the magical world of wire art.  Try a new form of artistic expression that is affordable, accessible, and so much fun!

Explore the language of wire as you learn to draw in three-dimensional space. Get in touch with your creative self and discover what your wire wants to be. Step-by-step guide to create your own wire art included.:   h2okay


Wire Art

As an aspect of Culture and Heritage.

by Donvé Lee

This book is one of a series of great art books from South Africa to teach young people about their own art and culture.   It is also a book for wire artists, beginners and professionals. The contents include sections on weaving with telephone wire, wire baskets, copper wire and beaded eggs, African Christmas trees and Streetwires.

Two master wire basket weavers, Elias Mtshengu and Jobe Sithole and Winston Rangwani – wire artist, teacher and manager.

There are sections on what you need to become a wire artist and selling wire art on the Internet.



Creating with Barbed Wire

Realistic Works

by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart

Creating Realistic Art Works With Barbed Wire. Barbed wire can be beautiful when it becomes a sculpture. This book contains step by step illustrations, showing the techniques I use doing, the creation of two different sculptures from the beginning through their completion. It is as thorough as I can be. I hope you will enjoy this medium as much as I do.

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Sculptures by Bernie Jestrabek-Hart


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